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Glass unguentarium, Alexandria, 1-100 AD

Angular glass unguentarium, c. 1350 AD

New Year’s flask for sacred water, Dyn.18

Early-dynastic alabaster bowl, 3100-2686 BC

Stone alabastron, 3150-2700 BC

Massive alabaster libation vessel, 3000 BC

Stone alabastron, Egypt, 3200-2800 BC

Alabaster unguent vase, Old Kingdom

Alabaster unguent vase, Dyn. 18

Alabaster unguent jar, Dyn. 18

Alabaster libation vessel, Old Kingdom

Alabaster sacrificial altar, 3200-2650 BC

Large alabaster vase, 3150-2920 BC

King Amenhotep II (?) as Amun-Re, Dyn. 18

Amenhotep III as Amun-Min, Dyn 18

Enameled feathers of Amun, Dyn. 18

Bronze statuette of Anhur, Dyn. 20

Faience amulet of Anubis, 525-334 BC

Bronze statuette of Aphrodite, Ptolemaic

Bronze statuette of Apis, New Kingdom

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