Queen as Isis-Hathor nursing, Dyn. 21

Queen as Isis-Hathor nursing, Dyn. 21
Period:Egypt, 3rd Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21
Dating:1080 BC–945 BC
Physical:12cm. (4.7 in.) -

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  This bronze statuette depicts an unidentified queen as Goddess Isis nursing Horus the child, son of the king. She wears the mortar crown of Egyptian queens, protected by the cobra-Uraeus, combined with a massive crown of Hathor with cow horns and the solar disk. Exquisitely portrayed, the queen appears delicate, wearing a thin double bracelet, elegant, modest, and aristocratic. Sporadic traces of gold on the surface reveal that this statuette was once completely gilded

Although the inscription on the pedestal has been erased, stylistic cues indicate this piece is from the beginning of the Third Intermediate Period (c.1080-945 BC), at the time of the High Priests of Amun at Thebes, and Dynasty 21 in Tanis.

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