Staff finial,Tefnut rearing up, Dyn. 20-21

Staff finial,Tefnut rearing up, Dyn. 20-21
Period:Egypt, New Kingdom, New Kingdom
Dating:1200 BC–945 BC
Origin:Egypt, Lower Egypt
Physical:8.4cm. (3.3 in.) - 55 g. (1.9 oz.)

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  This bronze finial from a scepter or staff represents Goddess Tefnut as a snake rearing up on a lotus shape. This is a rather rare representation of Tefnut. Dynasty 20 or 21.

“...a reference in the Pyramid Texts describes her [Goddess Tefnut] iconography as a serpent rearing up on a scepter” (Hart 1986:213). But according to another Pyramid Text, Wadjet the Cobra goddess of Buto, “rising up in anger about to spit flames in defence of the monarch,” is the emblem worn on the royal headdress (Hart 1986:220).

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