Bronze feather, horn and cobra, N. K.

Bronze feather, horn and cobra, N. K.
Period:Egypt, New Kingdom, New Kingdom
Dating:1570 BC–1085 BC
Physical:12.7cm. (5 in.) - 130 g. (4.6 oz.)

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  This bronze item of exquisite New Kingdom craftsmanship constitutes the right side of a royal Hem-em-het or Atef crown for a statue that must have been over 80 centimeters (almost 3 feet) tall.

This section of the crown integrates the feather of justice, the horn of the ram (a traditional breed of ram with long wavy horns which disappeared after the middle kingdom), and the cobra-uraeus ‘defender of Egypt’ with a solar disk. The uraeus and the solar disk show traces of enamel inlay work.

This assembly was connected to the rest of the piece by the two large tenons protruding from the feather, and by attachment rings hidden behind the horn. The statue may either have been that of a king or a god, as both wore such crown during the New Kingdom (1570-1085 BC).

Bibliography (for this item)

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