Ritual pendant for the Priest of Ptah

Ritual pendant for the Priest of Ptah
Period:Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty 19
Dating:1293 BC–1185 BC
Origin:Egypt, Lower Egypt, Memphis
Physical:8.5cm. (3.3 in.) - 115 g. (4.1 oz.)

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  This bronze representing the god Ptah was used by a priest of Ptah in his rituals. Ptah is shown here wearing his emblematic skullcap and a straight beard above a large circular necklace, holding a was scepter. It was hung by the large suspension ring visible in back.

“From the Middle Kingdom (2055-1650 BC.) onwards, Ptah was represented with a straight beard. The basic iconography of his images remained virtually unchanged throughout the Pharaonic period.” (Shaw & Nicholson 1995:230)

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