Bronze Venus, Alexandria, 50 BC-50 AD

Bronze Venus, Alexandria, 50 BC-50 AD
Period:Egypt, Graeco-Roman Period, Ptolemaic Period
Dating:50 BC–50 AD
Origin:Egypt, Lower Egypt, Alexandria
Physical:13.6cm. (5.3 in.) - 295 g. (10.4 oz.)

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  This Greco-Roman bronze statuette portrays the goddess Aphrodite-Venus. She is shown almost defiant, certainly provocative, wearing nothing but a diadem and a scarf, grasping her mirror and exuding confidence.

It was crafted in Alexandria, either during the reign of the infamous last queen of Egypt Cleopatra VII, or just after the Roman conquest by Octavius, the first Roman Emperor, Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus 27 BC-14 AD.

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