Support Us With Your Donations

This virtual museum is a production of CIWA, a non-profit private foundation (IRC section 501(c)(3)), based in Santa Barbara, California.

General Donations

Developing this virtual museum is an expensive proposition. Your tax-deductible donation to our general fund, large or small, would be most appreciated.

Sponsor an Item

Do you have a favorite item in the Virtual Museum? Why not become a sponsor for that item’s web page with a donation of $200?

Unless you give us instructions to the contrary, we will display your name on the page to encourage others to become sponsors.

Please include the item description (or even better, the catalog number—it looks like WOD-XL-0567).

Donating Artifacts

Unfortunately, we are not currently in a position to receive donations of artifacts.

How to Donate

Please let us know in whose name you would like to make the donation, indicate the item catalog number in the case of a page sponsorship, and send your check to:

              California Institute of World Archeology
              PO BOX 42924
              Santa Barbara, CA 93140

Would you like to be able to give by credit card? Let us know, as we are currently assessing the need for credit card support.


Questions or comments? We would love to read from you. Please email us at:

Tax Deductible Status

Monetary donations are tax-exempt to US tax payers, up to the usual limit for private foundation donations (currently 30% of your adjusted gross income). We will, of course, provide you with a donation receipt for your tax purposes.